The Brand

Designed in Barcelona and handmade in Alicate (Spain) by master shoemakers in 100% leather


The Brand

Designed in Barcelona and handmade in Alicate (Spain) by master shoemakers in 100% leather

Shoes for swing

The brand was born for one one specific reason: to be able to swing dance like the dancers of the 1930s.

Ella Fitzgerald and Chick Webb's Big Band are just two examples of those whose music led to the creation of a new style of Jazz dance by people like Frankie Manning, George Snowden and Al Minns: the Lindyhop. 

The rhythm of swing played by the best American musicians of the time at the Savoy Ballroom in Harlem brought together all of this talent in an atmosphere free from racial discrimination.

At slide&swing we have been directly inspired by these legends and in 2013 we made the first swing shoes designed and handmade in Europe.

And for your daily life

Slide&swing shoes are extremely light and comfortable. They are perfect if what you are looking for is a combination of comfort, quality and intense usage.

We only use the best leather to guarantee that the foot can breathe naturally. Our shoes soon adapt to your feet because the upper, lining and sole are all leather.

Because of these leather soles our shoes are extremely light and you can spend all day walking around the city without feeling tired. But make sure you're careful not to slip on rainy days!

Slide&swing are shoes made to last a lifetime. If the sole wears thin it can easily be replaced or have non-slip covers added, just talk with your local cobbler.


Shipping & Returns

Shipping & Returns

Shipping: cost and delivery time

Shipping costs depend on the delivery destination. For delivery in Spain (except Balears and Canary Islands), Andorra or Portugal the cost is already included in the price of the product while in the rest of the European Union or for other international destinations the following fees will be charged:

Spain, Andorra and Portugal: 0 €.

Balears Island: 15€

European Union (except Spain, Andorra and Portugal): 25 €.

International shipping: 50 €.

An extra cos of 10€ will be charged for each extra pair in the orders from the European Union and international orders. And 5€ for the orders from Balears Island.

Delivery is 48/72 hours once payment has been recieved at our offices, for shipment to the Peninsula, Andorra and Portugal. 5 working days for EU countries. 10 working days for others countries. 

ATENTION, note that for deliveries outside of the EU, the recipient is responsible for any possible taxes, fees, or customs that may accrue. Please understand that we can't control or prevent any delays within customs. If you refuse duties or fees on your package and choose to hace it sent back to slide&swing, any handling fees charged to our account to retrieve the package will be deducted from your refund.

If you would like to have your slide&swing delivered sooner then please contact us for urgent delivery options.

Refunds and Exchanges

If your slide&swing arrive and they are not the right size or do not arrive in perfect condition, then we offer a 15 day return guarantee, as long as the shoes are unused, and the leather sole is unmarked.  Please contact us so that we can indictate the next steps to take for you to enjoy your slide&swing as soon as possible.

Because of several problems with customs taxes with returned packages from U.S.A., Canada and Australia. We don't accept any change or return of shoes coming from these countries. So, before ordering, if you need help with the sizing or other subjects, please don't hesitate to contact us.

The gift card isn't refundable in any case.

We apologize for the inconvenience.


M  info@slideandswing.es



Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see slide&swing shoes before buying them?

You can see, try on and buy our shoes at our shop. You can find us in the Gracia neighbourhood at Bruniquer 15, 08012, Barcelona, very close to Joanic metro (L4).


How do I know my exact size if I am buying on the internet?

If you waver with the size, you can check the sizing chart below. Please TAKE INTO ACCOUNT THAT the measurement on the sizing chart are the measurement from our shoes:

· The length has been measured inside the shoes, so, you can know the real space you have for your feet.

· The width has been measured on the outside sole, because the leather is quite soft and will stretch after a while of use of the shoes.


If you are woman and your feet have 24 cm long, then, your size in heels would be 38 at least, not 37.

If you are man and your feet have 28 cm long, then your size would be 43 at least, because 42 has the same measurement than your feet, it means that your toes will touch the top of the shoes and that can hurt you after a while of use.


The last is quite wide and the leather gives with usage and will adapt perfectly to your foot. If you have any problems with sizing then you can return or exchange within 15 days.


How can I buy slide&swing shoes?

Go to the “shop” tab and you'll find that it's easy: just choose the style, size and colour that you would like. Once you have introduced your payment details we will send you a confirmation email with all of the information. Your slide&swing will be delivered in 48/72 hours at the address you have given.


Do the prices include VAT and shipping costs?

All of the prices which appear on the page include VAT and are the final price that you will pay for your slide&swing shoes.

Shipping costs depend on the destination:

· Delivery in Spain, Andorra and Portugal: shipping costs are included.

· European Union: shipping costs are 25 €.

· International shipping: shipping costs are 50 €.


I don't live in Spain. Can I make an order?

Yes, it is possible to make an order if you don't live in Spain. The process is exactly the same, the only thing which may change is the shipping costs. We love to see slide&swing around the world!.



You just have to select the type of voucher that you would like to give as a gift and once it has been purchased we will contact you with a promotional code for the amount selected which can then used in the shop in Barcelona or on-line.

If the product is selected on-line and delivery is outside Spain, Portugal or Andorra, shipping costs will be added during the buying process (25€ for the European Union/ 50€ for the rest of the world)



It's very easy, you just have to start an on-line purchase selecting the model, colour and size that you would like, making sure that the product is the same value or more than that which appears on the voucher (50, 75, 100, 125, 135 ó 150).

IMPORTANT: To redeem your gift voucher the code marked PROMO CODE must be entered in the COUPONS box on the chechkout page during the buying process.


Once you have chosen your shoes and used the promotional code from your voucher, you can choose the option "LO RECOJO YO MISMO" and the shoes will be sent to the address given. International shipping costs are included in the gift voucher as, in the case that they are necessary, they have previously been charged to the purchaser of the voucher.

If you would like to use the gift voucher in our shop in Barcelona, it is necessary to present the promotional code previously sent by email.

The gift voucher isn't refundable in any case.


Where are slide&swing made? What are they made from?

Slide&swing shoes are designed in Barcelona and handmade in Sax (Alicante - Spain). They are made from 100% leather, including our characteristic leather sole. In this way the foot can breathe naturally.  


How can I help my slide&swing to last longer?

Just like our own skin, brusque changes in temperature or humidity are the greatest enemy of leather shoes and as slide&swing are entirely made of leather it is important to keep them hydrated by rubbing some moisturising lotion (for example, Nivea) into them once a month. It is important to moisturize the leather sole as well so that it doesn't crack over time.  

If your shoes get too damp then the best solution is to fill them with kitchen roll or newspaper and wait at least 24 hours for them to dry out completely. Once dry, remove the paper and apply a good coating of moisturising lotion all over the shoe (inside, outside and sole) and leave them for 24 or 48 hours so that the lotion is absorbed completely. 

After a time it is normal that small abrasions or scratches may appear in the leather and for this shoe polish can be used.  

The leather sole may also become worn after prolonged usage, but this does not mean that the shoe needs to be thrown away. It is possible to take the shoe to a cobbler for them to add a half leather sole like the original or a rubber one if a non-slip sole is prefered.

If you have any other doubts or questions then you can write to us at info@slideandswing.es and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Is there a guarantee?

Slide&swing have the guarantee of being handmade in a reputable and experienced Alicantian shoemakers. Although there is no guarantee similar to that found with electronic products, if you have any probems with our shoes then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do everything in our power to find a solution. Contact us at info@slideandswing.es









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